Sunday, 29 July 2018

MOSS Foundation - Hawaii, Hawaii, straight to Hawaii

Moss Foundation (Melbourne Old School skateboarders) are doing their charity thing aagin this year to raise money for fresh water in Swaziland. This year they are making a Hawaiian shirt & asked me to do some designs.
Inspired directly from the great photographs by Glen E. Friedman & Warren Bolster.
here they are:

Hawaiian take on Alva/MOSS logo.

And in RED.

Jay Adams. 1st one done. Dictated what the rest would become. As requested by Wedge Francis.

Cadillac kid, Gregg Weaver

T.A., Mad dog.  Tony Alva.

Ellen O'Neill
Stacey Peralta.

Shogo Kubo.

Peggy Oki.

Larry Bertlemann.

Next: skateboard deck for MOSS foundation exhibition & Spencer P. Jones tribute album art.

Tuesday, 24 July 2018

from then to now

Here's some stuff from 2018. A look back. Started of slowly, full steam ahead right now though, that is for sure!!

Swamplands. Logo & roughs for bar wall mural (which may or may not happen...). done back at the start of the year.

And here's the start of a new series of paintings. I've decided to use all those little obsessive compulsive steam of conscious drawings and make something of them. There will be 12 of them 12x12 inches. Kinda like imaginary band record sleeves I guess.

from start to finish. Together Forever.

The skulls come from a tattoo design sketches I did for a friend.

Up next: hawaiian shirt skate designs for the MOSS crew.

Sunday, 3 September 2017

skateboard blues


Here's a couple of skateboards I've painted for the MOSS (Melbourne Old School Skateboarders) charity exhibitions. The first one I did last year, the 2nd I've just completed for this years exhibition. Both I've painted while not being able to actually ride a skateboard myself (well, not properly anyways) after a bad knee injury last year. While I have had plenty of stuff to keep me occupied during this time, I really miss it.


Skateboard blues no. 1. 2016.

Skateboard blues no.2. 2017

2017 MOSS Deck art show on at the Altman Gallery in Highett Thursday 12th October.

Monday, 26 June 2017

half year report card


Damn this year has been busy. Here's a couple of posters I painted last week. First real painting for a bit. Also, worked on the James McCann & New Vindictives LP & CD cover design, doing the text paintings & lay outs. Check it....

Some skateboards coming up soon. MOSS exhibition again. Hoping to have another small exhibition by the end of the year. Got quite a few 'Let There Be Guitar' paintings left too. anyone??????

Some water colour.

chicken tattoo by & on Jackson Kite (NV's drummer).

whole LP cover with typo...'Tar on the Lip' NOT 'Tar on the Hip'!!! Doh...

Coming soon....Get down to the Yarra for some mid-winter soul  warming.

and a little one for a few weeks back. Buy a record if ya ain't already got one.

Tuesday, 21 March 2017



Sorry, 3 months in & no post. Missing in action...Things have been busy. Very busy...
Gigs all went well.
Not much painting so far though. Working on it.

Here's something. new Happy Lonesome poster.

Also Larry was out and about down in Brunswick at Record Paradise.

Here's the flyer!

Working on something new soon. Looking forward to it.

Saturday, 31 December 2016



Sorry again, been a bit. Just a quick one too. Such a full on year. Had some great shit happen on a personal note, some crappy shit on the global front....Here's some of the good stuff of the last 2 months.
Some photos of the exhibition, single launch & a big thanks to everyone for the support! Happy New Year!

empty walls
 full...40 paintings.

main bunch.

Actually ended up with alotta folk there, great night, thanks for coming along n that! Wish I had the photos to prove it...But had other stuff to do.

Sean McMahon plays Woody & Jimmy Reed

Pete Azzopardi plays Bob & Lou
Claire plays Bobbie Gentry & Memphis Minnie

James McCann plays Bo Diddley & Robert Johnson

 the Happy Lonesome single launch at Tago Mago, thanks everyone. Tenderbones, Michael Plater/Roscoe & Popolice ALL were AWESOME! Thanks Rob Wiltshire for the photos great!
Gitcha wahwahs out.

Here da BAND!

ÅND the plug. COME ALONG!!! Final painting of 2016....


Wednesday, 2 November 2016



just over 24 hours til opening night. crap!

anyways. check list almost all ticked off. few more things to do. No painting or framing thankfully.

Music on the night's gunna be great. 4 of my favourite guitar slingin' songsters playin' a few of the featured songs. James McCann doing Who Do You Love & Hellhound On My Trail, Claire Birchall doing Ode to Billie Joe & Bumble Bee, Sean McMahon doing Do Re Mi & Bright Lights, Big City AND Pete Azzopardi doing Satellite of Love & Thunder Road.

Got a bunch of prints available for purchase too.  Thanks again Rocket Digital & Print Department!
Check out this A1 foam board print. No need for a frame. For you, 90 bux!

Also, getting very close to a Happy Lonesome single launch. Single available on Wednesday 9th November. Check out bandcamp. Video up same day.

Here's the poster.

See ya at opening night???